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My first blog for Curriculum Trak…(oh I how must miss doing school newsletters)!

Curriculum Trak Blog

By Lynn Cuffari, Curriculum Trak Sales

Editor’s Note: Lynn Cuffari is a recent addition to the Curriculum Trak team. Previously, she implemented Curriculum Trak as the principal of St. Augustine Catholic High School in Tucson, Az. We are excited to share her perspective on our recent conference in Orlando, Fl. You can still make plans to join us at our next conference in January. Click here for more details.

It’s always enlightening to sit “on the other side of the
desk.” As a high school principal, I would often empathize with parents because
in addition to my administrative career, my first job in schools was that of a mom.
And oh yes, I had been on that side of the desk a couple more times than I
wanted to as my own precious son worked his way through various challenges of
his educational journey!

I recalled this inter-connectedness at Curriculum…

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